Launch strategies

There are a number of key decisions every brand needs to consider upon entering the China market. Here are just a few. eFashion’s leadership will walk through each step with you to determine what decision is best for your brand.

Standalone website, a store on Tmall…or both? We will customize each store to your brand.

We can work with your existing 3PL, or help you find one in China. If you’d like to explore global shipping, we have experience with that too. We can also recommend an optimal courier portfolio based on your brand’s requirements. Our experience and relationships with a wide range of courier companies means we can manage them to optimize your results.

What is your brand awareness level in China? Who is your target customer? We have rich marketing experience to support your online brand-building efforts and to help you target the right demographic. We can even build a customized database to keep in touch with them.

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